Ab Wheel Plus includes additional elbow support to help alleviate any undesired back, elbow, or wrist pain when completing ab exercises.



A Gym Goers Fav For Many Reasons 

1.) Unlike standard flat ab rollers, the expanded 4-inch curved ab wheels make your left and right movements more flexible, making it easier to turn and lean. Use this core workout equipment to enhance abdominal and oblique muscle exercise, burn fat swiftly, form 6-pack abs, and take your fitness training to the next level.

 2.) As the ab roller with elbow supports and curved handles transfers stress from the arms and shoulders to the ab, it helps to prevent back and neck injuries. Then you can do high-efficiency training and stretch as much as you want with the ab machine without worrying about causing pain.
3.) This abs workout apparatus elevates planks to new heights. By including running, jumping, twisting, and other movements into the plank, you can achieve more efficient movement and a better muscle workout.
Color: Blue